What I believe

“LetCraig Burgess‘s read a story…”

How many times did you hear that growing up? Reading, watching, seeing, sharing. We are hardwired to consume stories, tell them, remember them, connect with them.

I’ve  loved stories since I was a boy. In elementary school, I liked nothing better than to sit with classmates outside in the Montana springtime sunshine and listen to a teacher read something good aloud. Or watch a TV show like “Star Trek” and fire up the futuristic imaginations of all of us (yes, the original one).  It didn’t matter. As long as it was a good story, I was captivated.

Fast forward a few decades, and the internet appears. I realized that it was a platform where stories are easily shared. Each time, it’s the story that makes the emotional connection. In case you’re wondering, it’s been proven that all decisions are emotional. At our very core, we rely on emotion to move forward in life.

What I do

I help others make their products better through the use of stories. As people, we are hardwired to connect with stories – we can’t help it. No one connects with pure data, but everyone connects with a story. You want your customers to think “I want to be a part of THAT story!” and purchase your product or service.

How I do it

Effective storytelling includes using well-executed user-centered design and puts “content in context” for better emotional connections and understanding. Methodologies like user research, usability studies (qualitative), A/B & multivariate testing and conversion optimization backed by what I call “purpose-driven” analytics(quantitative) help us write that story. Once we figure out the right approach, tone, archetype & context, good things happen: people connect, decide, act, and a macro or micro conversion is born.

Foundations in web development, still photography and video production help me to prioritize and see how to develop the larger story. I’m a student of visual design, movies and storytelling.

Current projects include consulting on world-class video labs where companies conduct usability studies to get their users’ stories right – whether it’s for digital products, hardware or software. These labs enable an effective test environment to record user sessions by video streams to help get it right.

Taylor Protocols Core Values Index gives me a 25 Innovator  & 23 Merchant, which means my dream job is to work on technology with others to innovate and brainstorm, and drive a new story: for the company, for the product, for the team.

Let’s work together

If any of this strikes a chord with you, make an appointment with me and take advantage of the complimentary consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together to accomplish your goals.