Frostline DP


Frostline DP came about as a way to integrate “different but related” disciplines into a name and business I loved. I sat down one day and decided I needed a business name. I wanted it short, and the only other thing was, it had to be fun (at least for me). DP stands for lots of things, but mostly for digital production and director of photography (another related role and bigger ambition).

Frostline kit label

The name Frostline was inspired by a Colorado company that used to make DIY sewing kits for outdoor apparel geeks like me. The company died out sometime after 2005. My own opinion is that cheap overseas labor brought lower prices to the outdoor industry, which eventually killed the DIY market. The whole concept of creating your own jackets, tents, ponchos, down vests was awesome! And usually at least half-price of buying it retail.

The other reason? I live at the “frost line” in the Sierra foothills. Actually I’m really at the snowline, but that didn’t have the same feel.


UX labs are a blast to build. This is the main mission of Frostline right now. Funny, I know – it is the same as my own mission: “To help companies make their products the best they can be. ”

The way I figure it, I don’t want to just impact one company’s product. I want to impact 100’s of companies and their products! So, the best way is to make usability labs affordable and accessible to the wonderful user experience teams to do on-site usability testing. The only way I know of to get something better, be it product or service, app, website, technology, firmware, outdoor gear or whatever… is to conduct user testing. Take those results, make tweaks in design and engineering, and do it again until it’s right for that product.

Let’s Talk

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, give me a ring at (530) 268-5882. I’d like nothing more to brainstorm about how to make your products better!